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The United States Fight League is a IRS 501 c 3 non profit regulatory and sanctioning organization that fosters and supports Youth and Military Pankration. 
Pankration is the oldest Martial art on record and was the most prestigious event of the Ancient Olympics. The rules were brutal and simple, all but eye gouging and biting was allowed while the referees enforced their rules with a large stick.

Modern Pankration is a Martial Arts that encompasses Grappling and Limited Contact Striking. Rules emphasize technique and sportsmanship at all levels. The amateur program presents a safe sport, suitable for competitors of all ages from all styles of Martial Art. The United States Fight League provides the safest and most progressive route to prepare for youth for the future.

 Rules are progressive and consistent for each level of combat:
"C" Class rules consist of straight Grappling.
“B” Class rules allow Grappling combined with Limited contact strikes.
"A" Class rules allow full Contact strikes (Only available in international tournaments)

Our athletes have an opportunity to compete at the Local, State, National and World Level.


For Media and Sponsorship inquires please contact
Email Jon Frank 
PH# 949 813-1041


Local, Regional, National & World Events 

More events added soon... 

August 13, 2016
The Titans Cage
Youth Pankration Dual Meet
500 Leisure Lane
Sacramento, CA
Matchmaker Anthony Bivins

Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2016
UWW World Pankration Championships
Divisions for Cadet, Junior, Senior & Master
Tbillisi, Georgia

Oct 1, 2016

All American Fight League
Youth Pankration Dual Meet
1930 S. E. street
San Bernardino, CA
Matchmaker Sam Mendoza

TBA Oct or November -  2016  

Fight Club OC
Youth Pankration Dual Meet
Queen Mary, Long Beach CA
Matchmaker Anthony Calix 310 431-7721

Oct 8-10, 2016 (Tentative)
Multi Discipline Event
Featuring Youth Pankration
Lake Elsinore, CA 

Oct 22, 2016  
Spar Star MMA
Youth Pankration Dual Meet
Torrance, CA
Matchmaker Anthony Calix 310 431-7721

October 29, 2016
The Titans Cage
Youth Pankration Dual Meet
500 Leisure Lane
Sacramento, CA
Matchmaker Anthony Bivins

Nov 2, 2016
Camp Pendleton CG Cup
Active Duty Camp Pendleton Military
4 on 4 Team Grappling

Nov 5, 2016
Youth Pankration Tournament 
Riverside, CA 
To Register contact David Bramlette   

More events added soon...






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